Jewelwax-the wax for making Jewellery

Jewelwax-waxes specially developed for CNC machining applications in the jewellery industry

Tekwani Applications Ltd, in helping to provide materials for modern manufacturing solutions to the jewellery industry, has developed special waxes for CNC machining applications. These products, Jewelwax and JewelwaxA are now used by some of the most prestigious jewellery manufacturing companies in the industry, worldwide. The waxes are made in the United Kingdom from raw materials sourced in the United Kingdom and are RoHS compliant.

We are more than happy to be able to supply our waxes to users who cannot get them from the former Delcam and Gemvision "Revo" suppliers - Also Roland machine users.

Get your waxes directly from us with greater reliability, shorter lead times and friendly service. Our waxes cost less than what you were charged by them.

Customers in Europe are welcome to make use of our euro account facilities.

Jewelwax has been formulated for use with small, computer driven multi-axis cnc machining systems, specifically for the accuracy, high definition and clean cutting required in the jewellery industry. The wax is refined and degassed to eliminate impurities and gas bubbles within the castings.

A wide range of fully machinable wax profiles is now being produced. These include small blocks / billets in sizes conveniently used by most CNC systems.

Technology developed by Tekwani Applications has enabled ringtube castings to be produced in over twenty ring sizes. We are the only manufacturer / supplier to offer this variety of ringtube diameters. In addition we are the first manufacturer to produce larger wax cylinders designed for machining bangles / bracelets.  

Most of our profiles are now produced by casting and cooling the wax in a special way, rather than cutting to size from bulk, as this has been shown to produce an enhanced wax microstructure with improved machining qualities. We have also developed a "harder" wax "JewelwaxA" with the properties of "green" wax to supply to Gemvision Revo and other users who prefer this type of wax. See our "Products" page for more details.

The "Jewelclamp" profiles for use on "Gemvision - Revo" machines.

Left = 20mm thick  Right =25mm thick (Also available 15 and 10 mm thicknesses - for use with 20mm adaptor)













Rings machined in Jewelwax
machined from a Jewelwax "ringtube"
machined from a Jewelwax cast billet












Jewelwax is manufactured and supplied by Tekwani Applications Ltd








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